Wednesday 25 March 2015

Details Page

The details page shows information about the selected item and looks like this. This item may be a bird, a pair, a clutch, a species etc. You can set or change the image by tapping the picture at the top. The details page contains hyper-links highlighted in blue on the right. Use these links to navigate into the details page of the hyper-linked item. For example, in the image on the right, clicking on Sold will take you to the invoice on which the bird was sold.

There are two menus on every details page. The info menu opens when you press the [i] button. It can be used to display several different info screens related to the selected item. There is also an action menu button on the right which is used to perform action on this item such as edit, delete, add notes, manage photo album etc.

The Home button at the top will take you back to the List Screen.

Info Menu Button
Action Menu Button