Thursday, 31 December 2015

About AviMan

AviMan is an aviary management app useful for hobby bird keepers and professional aviculturists alike. Maintain breeding records, mutations, pedigree, pairings & clutches. Keep record of incubation & hatch dates. Keep notes, capture photos and maintain photo albums for each bird or pair. Statistically detect breeding problems. Developed by an experienced aviculturist, AviMan is the first mobile app for aviary management.
AviMan is free for managing up to 50 birds. If you like the app and your birds exceed this number you can increase or eliminate this limit through in-app purchases.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Backup & Restore Data

It is recommended that you frequently backup your data to deal with unfortunate events such as broken or stolen handhelds or when changing devices. Backing up is easy. On the home page, open the menu by pressing the 'menu' button on the top right and select "Backup Data" This will create a new backup folder named "AviMan" in the root directory of your SD Card or phone storage. If the backup folder already exists it will be updated. Copy this folder to your PC for safekeeping.

In order to restore saved data, copy the backed up "AviMan" folder to the root folder of your SD card and select "Restore Data from SD" Your data in the backup will be restored.

Backing up and restoring Bird Images
Images are stored in the following folder
SD card > Android  > data > org.birdtalk.aviman > files > Pictures

Backup this folder to your PC. When restoring copy the folder back to its original location.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


AviiMan stores data locally on your device and not in a database on the net. Your data remains on your device and there is no way for any body (including the developers) to see it unless you explicitly share it on social media.
AviMan may need access to your address book when entering sales or purchase data. If you sell/buy a bird from someone who is already in your address book you can import this info into AviMan without needing to re-enter it.